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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Women, huh?

Can't live with them, can't live without them!

Well thats it, i'm pretty screwed up when it comes to women likes, they have to be some of the most complicated things on the planet, right next to that Rubix Cube you've been meaning to solve for the last two years, yeah - that bad.

Okay - So my experience hasn't been that savoury and i'm sure that it doesn't count for most women, and that i've just had a bad experience and there are plenty more fish in the sea?  Right?  Well right now, my sea looks like a pond with literally fuck all in it ...

I'm not going into details, partially because it's all about confidentiality, i wouldn't want my name plastered all over the web, so i'll assume these people have the same wishes, not that anyone will ever actually read any of this ...

But i swear, see right at this very moment in time, i work with, not on the same shift right enough, one of the most amazing girls ever.  Amy.  I don't mind mentioning her, because well, she'll never see this, and i swear, just seeing her, or hearing her say good morning, i feel like i am on top of the world! It's just awesome :)

She may not be the sharpest person ever, but she is the most amazing.  I've never felt so happy to see someone smile at me and, well, i tend to be one of these people who just don't give a fuck about what people think, but i find myself really caring what she thinks of me ...

Morning Shifts!

Morning Shifts
Awesome - I just found the font button!

I was 18 back in September of this year, it was quite the occaision, except that i was working nightshift that night (The Friday night at midnight 'till the following morning).  It was pretty awesome, the nightshift that is, until i fell asleep on the floor in stationary at about half six in the morning - It was pretty embarassing likes, but what a way to kick off the morning shifts.

The staff are pretty awesome, a few guys that i've known out of work and a few that i only met at the induction, the sup. is pretty awesome, actually behaves like one of the team, does the work, leads by example - pretty awesome.

But there is this older couple - well, i say couple, but i mean just two older people, not in a relationship, unless they are secretly gay and suchlike - and i swear, one follows the other like her fucking nose is glued to the others arse!  It is unbelievable!  Granted, i have been told from a few people that she is highly influenced by those around her and all ...

I swear these two, they're like an auld married couple, just with all the fighting and no kissing and making up - which quite frankly would scare us all shitless if we happened upon that scene ... eww ...

But the two of them take the piss something chronic ... I mean, sometimes the older one needs to leave a little earlier than when her shift finishes, you know, needs to take the daughter to hospital, or needs to look after the grandchild - Thats cool ... It happens ya digg?  What i DON'T get, is why the younger of the two, feels the need to leave WITH the older one ...  Would you like to know why?  Of course you do - It's so she can get a lift home instead of getting on the bus with the rest of us 'Commoners'.

So okay, they bend the rules slightly, but on top of that, they are both such kiss asses, i reckon if they tried to get any further up my bosses arse, they'd need a ladder to climb back out, pretty unbelievable, they spend most of the mornings doing sweet fuck all, and then as soon as the big boss comes in, they put their heads down and work, like they should and then bitch about everyone on the shift to the boss ... I swear, sometimes i would like to ram one of those christmas trees we sell, up their arses ....

.... Sideways.

Don't get me wrong, i personally don't think i'm a bad guy in that sense, we all have our people we dislike, and normally i can be civil about it, but these two really do my tits in.


The Horrors of Work

The Horrors of Work
No; Really.

Well, times are hard, right?  Unemployment is at it's peak in the last 20 years or so, but i've never been too bad ... I was in part-time work, and have been for the last two years for Sportsdirect.com, granted it was rather unpredictable, but it was work and money coming in, right?  Well, i decided to leave that place, because let's face it, the basic hiring requirements for that place are the ability to string a sentence together and an ounce of common sense - and let me tell you, the latter was not a requirement, at least, judging by the people that were taken on.

There was an advert in my local paper for a job or 77, with a new store opening in the local shopping centre, for a company, predominantly English, who were expanding into Scotland - Which was awesome, a completely new company - at least as far as i was concerned - with a completely new name to promote and sell.  I think i did pretty well in the interview i mean, i got the job didn't i?  Although, i remember sitting in the kinda waiting area, waiting on this interview, and i saw one of the guys doing the interviews and i thought to myself, he's got to be gay ... Little did i know that this guy would turn out to be my assistant manager!  And that a few weeks later i would randomly tell him this on our first night out together. 

So, it's not been too bad, this place has been a lot of laughs, the people, the floor - odd story, people kept falling as it was incredibly slippy ....

So yeah ... I thought i'd at least introduce the topic of work because, no doubt, i'll be err ... 'commenting' on it a lot ...


4.0 - Blood Deathknights - A new way of thinking?

4.0.1 - Blood Deathknights

A new way of thinking?

Okay - So here it is ...

I ran a few heroics last night, and by no means am i in top, top gear here - not by any stretch of the imagination, what i AM in however, is decent tanking gear which, before patch 4.0.1, would have allowed me to run any heroic dungeon, with any group hassle free.  Okay - So somethings HoR could get a little hairy, but still, i was no pushover.  Threat was good, damage was better, all in all, i could breeze through heroics like nobody's business, i reckon it's fair to say that i would get you from clicking the 'Enter' button to the last boss in around say, 20 minutes - Which isn't an easy thing to do across the board.

What i'm really trying to say, without boring you all to death (Excuse the pun) is that i'm not pushover, dumbass tank like the majority of deathknights seem to be.  I normally get complimented on my tanking, being able to handle aggro, to be able to pick up the random loose ends that we all get ocaisionally with ease and composure, can handle my cooldowns well, so that i'm not stranded in a boss fight with most of my rotation on cooldown ...  So you can imagine my surprise when i'm sitting in CoS wonder why the hell that this warlock isn't understanding that i'm having aggro issues.  Okay - so a day has passed since the patch, but that is nowhere near long enough for us all to get comfortable with our new specs and rotation.  I mean, for the love of god, stop spamming AoE for just one, bloody second, so i can gather things up and hold their attention!

So here is what i am thinking for Blood Tanking in 4.0.1 right now, okay - so things seem a little crappy at the moment, aggro has been turned upside down, people are getting thicker, but we're not completely out of the picture, not by a long stretch, it's just every other class seems to have been given a steroid injection ...

I guess you could say i was just a little pissed at this, i mean, my aggro wasn't completely abismal, with the exception of the total moron who decided that pulling using AoE, whilst in fully gemmed and enchanted T10.5, was a good idea and then complains that he has a mob or two following him, trying to jam their swords up his ass.  Bear in mind, i don't have a single piece of T10.5 tanking gear, never mind a full T10 set. 

Again, i get left with the feeling that we are broken, but not as bad as most people think.

Okay - So yeah, we're facing a major shift in old vs new and no-one completely trusts it yet.  In the old version, you could AoE until you're blue in the face and then RACE to the top of the DPS charts based soley on trash.  Us DK Tanks, scratch that, all tanks need to start kicking some ass and get people to understand that you can't just open up with all you've got anymore, you MUST stick to the skull in this new way of looking at things.  Okay, so when non-skull items get pulled the first time, we will normally taunt it back.  The second time, well,  good luck to whoever pulled it, just pray to god it wasn't the healer.

I mean, all these DPS cannons got new shiney toys to play with, you know what?  Fuck you!  Go play PvP and blast each others brains out with those new spells.  For the time being and up until catacalysm, anyone who is not with the program, had better learn how to tank as a mage.  And quickly.

Runic Power ... Sheesh, i think we're starting to loose a lot of runic power, simply because now, we're only really getting hit by two mobs, instead of four - Why is this you ask?  Because the other two are too busy chasing the fucking mages about ...  Take a gander at my talent build, go on.  I've ran with this since the day 4.0.1 came out, i haven't had a problem with runic power.  I hit like a pussy cat on weed, but i still got the power behind me ...

Look guys, without trying to sound like too much of a fuddy-duddy, do not get into an aggro hole.  Seriously, if you want to dig yourself into a hole, make yourself useful and dig to China and slap those gold sellers or something.  If you can, get a party member to put some sort of aggro mis-direct on your healers.  Screw your DPS - You can live without them, but good luck without a healer.

If DPS wants to go balls to the wall after you warn them that they need to focus skull, let them die. Period, end of discussion. I know it’s contrary to your protective nature, but if you don’t break habits now, when you get out there later they’ll be that much harder to retrain.